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I’m having trouble logging in?

You only need to log in if you have a paid subscription or either CNS news or Origins.
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Where do I find older stories?
You can access older stories by subscribing. Subscribe here.

The public CNS site shows only  5-10%  of CNS content for public viewing. You as an individual can subscribe to CNS content with read-only rights by subscribing online at

Publishing Clients, see the Publishing Products page for more information.

How can I subscribe to your products such as the CNS news service or Origins Online?

Our Subscribe Products pages has links to detailed descriptions of our services and to order forms. You can contact us at to place an order or update your contact information.

How can I get permission to reprint a CNS article?

All CNS material is copyrighted. CNS may ask individuals or organizations seeking reprint permission to pay a small fee based on usage and distribution. Submit reprint and permissions questions or requests to

How can I reprint or purchase a CNS photo?

Send a request to us using our Contact Us form. Many CNS photos originate with other agencies and are unavailable for resale. But we probably have the perfect visual for your publishing needs in our extensive photo library. If you want a photo from our service that originated with another agency, CNS gladly will provide you with the contact information of that agency.

Can I put CNS content on my website?

You can link to any of our pages from your site, but you must be a publishing subscriber with a signed agreement with CNS to post anything of ours directly on your site. Check with us if you have any questions.

Where can I send a letter to the editor?

You may send a letter to the editor at the main CNS mailing address or e-mail it to Please be aware that CNS does not publish letters to the editor. Many CNS publishing subscribers have reader response sections where you can send commentary on a CNS story that ran there.

I have a news release I want to send CNS. 

The best way to send a news release to us is to email it to Releases that arrive there are routed quickly to the proper editor or reporter.

We do not have a press release service.

Does CNS accept advertising on its website?

No, but we suggest that you contact any one of the diocesan newspapers or members of the Catholic Press Association to reach the Catholic market.

What research services are available from the CNS library?

Our Library/Information Services Department does research primarily for publishing subscribers but can provide some limited research help for non-subscribers. If you are a researcher, there are also freely available resources here at the Catholic Research Resources Alliance Catholic News Archive where 1920-85 microfilm and the early Catholic World in Pictures 1922-66 are digitized and searchable.

Why don’t you post everything online for free as some other ser