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  CNS Stylebook on Religion -- Third Edition

The CNS Stylebook third edition is no longer available in hard copy.

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One-of-a-kind resource

The third edition of the CNS stylebook is now available.

More than just a reference guide on spellings and capitalizations, the new CNS Stylebook on Religion -- Third Edition is also the ultimate reference work on all kinds of church terms, with entries on everything from Abba (always capitalize when used as a proper name for God) to zucchetto (don't call it a beanie!).

Previous editions were best-sellers not only within the Catholic press but also among secular journalists who recognized Catholic News Service's expertise on church practice and terminology.

But the target audience is not just journalists.

The CNS Stylebook on Religion -- Third Edition should be in every Catholic high school and college library. Where else can Catholic educators find quick and easy definitions for such church terms as apostasy, eparchy and theophany?

Journalists and nonjournalists will benefit from the CNS stylebook's entries on other religions -- from the Anglican Communion to Islam to Orthodox churches -- and their relations with the Catholic Church. That's why we've always called it a stylebook on religion, not just a stylebook on Catholicism.

Nearly every entry in this third edition has been changed in some way. The most noticeable change -- and the one we hope will be most helpful to readers in this Internet age -- is the addition of Web addresses for most Catholic organizations, other denominations and many faith-based groups.

Other revisions reflect changes in the last five years in liturgical practices, Vatican policies, interfaith advances and membership numbers for religions since the last edition, making the new stylebook a must-have for everyone.

The CNS Stylebook on Religion -- Third Edition is the only resource of its kind, combining usage and reference material on religion in a single work.

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