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CNS Special Section
Top conclave cardinals
Pope John Paul II
-Special Section-
The coming conclave:
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CNS/L'Osservatore Romano
Meet some of the voters who could be most influential in the election of Pope John Paul II's successor

added 4/18

Cardinal Geraldo Majella Agnelo

CARDINALS-AGNELO Apr-18-2005 (670 words) With photo. xxxi

Brazil's Cardinal Agnelo has curial, pastoral experience

added 4/14

Cardinal Ennio Antonelli

CARDINALS-ANTONELLI Apr-13-2005 (1,030 words) xxxi

Italian cardinal known for optimistic pastoral approach, love of art

Cardinal Francis Arinze

CARDINALS-ARINZE Apr-1-2005 (1,620 words) xxxi

Nigerian could be choice for continuing JPII's papacy style

updated 4/18

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio

CARDINALS-BERGOGLIO Apr-1-2005 (1,140 words) xxxi

Intellect, pastoral skills seen as strength of Argentine primate

Cardinal Godfried Danneels

CARDINALS-DANNEELS Apr-1-2005 (1,110 words) xxxi

Belgian prelate says vocations crisis is wall against church's future

added 4/18

Cardinal Julius Darmaatmadja

CARDINALS-DARMAATMADJA Apr-18-2005 (610 words) With photo xxxi

Indonesian cardinal has been proponent of dialogue, tolerance

Cardinal Ivan Dias

CARDINALS-DIAS Apr-1-2005 (1,560 words) xxxi

Variety of experience gives cardinal from India high profile

added 4/18

Cardinal Francisco Errazuriz Ossa

CARDINALS-ERRAZURIZ Apr-18-2005 (770 words) With photo xxxi

Chilean cardinal was force for national reconciliation

Cardinal Claudio Hummes

CARDINALS-HUMMES Apr-1-2005 (1,090 words) xxxi

Brazilian cardinal has safeguarded human dignity, promoted work

added 4/14

Cardinal Walter Kasper

CARDINALS-KASPER Apr-14-2005 (1,080 words) With photo. xxxi

Cardinal Kasper's intellect, attitude could influence conclave

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger

CARDINALS-LUSTIGER Apr-1-2005 (730 words) xxxi

Cardinal Lustiger has been the voice of French Catholics

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

CARDINALS-MARTINI Apr-1-2005 (1,100 words) xxxi

Italian cardinal willing to re-examine delicate church positions

added 4/18

Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins

CARDINALS-SARAIVA Apr-18-2005 (1,080 words) With photo xxxi

Portuguese cardinal has two passions: saints and soccer

Cardinal Jose da Cruz Policarpo

CARDINALS-POLICARPO Apr-3-2005 (1,100 words) xxxi

Portuguese cardinal could be a bridge candidate in conclave

Cardinal Vinko Puljic

CARDINALS-PULJIC Apr-1-2005 (900 words) xxxi

Bosnian cardinal saw Yugoslavian split, worked for reconciliation

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

CARDINALS-RATZINGER Apr-1-2005 (1,280 words) xxxi

German theologian one of most respected, controversial cardinals

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera

CARDINALS-RIVERA Apr-6-2005 (910 words) xxxi

Mexico City cardinal heads world's largest archdiocese

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga

CARDINALS-RODRIGUEZ Apr-1-2005 (1,480 words) xxxi

Outspoken Honduran is one of the Latin America's strongest voices

Cardinal Camillo Ruini

CARDINALS-RUINI Apr-6-2005 (800 words) xxxi

Pope's Rome vicar seen as possible Italian candidate to succeed him

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez

CARDINALS-SANDOVAL Apr-1-2005 (1,160 words) xxxi

Mexican cardinal is outspoken, uses media well

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn

CARDINALS-SCHONBORN Apr-1-2005 (1,190 words) xxxi

Vienna cardinal's diplomatic, managerial skills tested by turmoil

Cardinal Angelo Scola

CARDINALS-SCOLA Apr-1-2005 (1,310 words) xxxi

Scholarly Venice cardinal intent on raising church's profile

Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi

CARDINALS-TETTAMANZI Apr-1-2005 (1,200 words) xxxi

Milan cardinal seen as strong, articulate pastoral voice

Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi

CARDINALS-TUMI Apr-1-2005 (930 words) xxxi

West African cardinal has experience with tough church problems

Cardinal Miloslav Vlk

CARDINALS-VLK Apr-1-2005 (1,010 words) xxxi

Czech cardinal once washed windows, has led European bishops

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