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DIGEST Jul-28-2014 xxxd
Catholic News Service Report for Monday, July 28, 2014

POPE-ANGELUS Jul-28-2014 (310 words)
All is lost with war, especially children's lives, future, pope says

POPE-PRIESTS Jul-28-2014 (500 words)
Gossip, anger, bitterness come when celibacy is sterility, pope says

POPE-CASERTA Jul-28-2014 (500 words) With photos.
Resist mafia's evil, protect environment, pope says in Caserta

SCHEDULE FOR Monday, July 28, 2014

OBIT-MARCHISANO Jul-28-2014 (470 words)
Former 'guardian' of Vatican artistic patrimony dies at 85


POPE-PENTECOSTALS Jul-28-2014 (830 words) With photos.
Meeting 200 Pentecostals, pope renews friendship, talks unity

TV REVIEW Jul-28-2014 (1,040 words)
TV film fare -- week of Aug. 10

TV REVIEW Jul-28-2014 (270 words)
TV program notes -- week of Aug. 10

WESTBANK-CHRISTIANS Jul-28-2014 (890 words) With photos.
For some Mideast Catholics, church is anchor of hope amid violence

SYRIA-DALLOGLIO Jul-28-2014 (290 words)
Family, nuncio in Syria plead for news about kidnapped Jesuit

TEKAKWITHA-CULTURE Jul-28-2014 (580 words) With photos.
Speakers: Using native languages in prayer, song helps preserve culture

ABUSE-PASTORAL Jul-28-2014 (970 words)
Like good shepherd, church must seek out, help abused, says survivor

WWI-GERMANS Jul-28-2014 (690 words) With photos.
German bishops mark WWI anniversary, acknowledge churches share guilt

VIDEO posted July 28, 2014

VIDEO posted July 28, 2014

TEKAKWITHA-HISTORY Jul-28-2014 (930 words) With photos posted July 24, 25 and 28.
The Tekakwitha Conference at 75: a look at key events in its history

MOSUL-CONCERN Jul-28-2014 (700 words) With photos.
Iraqi Christians brave heat to demand help from United Nations

MOVIE REVIEW Jul-28-2014 (550 words) With photo.
The Fluffy Movie

VIDEO posted July 28, 2014

MIGRANTS-ROUNDUP (UPDATED) Jul-28-2014 (1,380 words)
Bishops: To end border crisis, address issues forcing people to flee

NEWS BRIEFS Jul-28-2014 (2,520 words)
News Briefs

07/28/2014 4:57 PM ET
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