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Latest stories:

What's next for marriage? Skirmishes won but fight continues

The passage of state constitutional amendments that define marriage as the union of a man and a woman in California, Florida and Arizona might mark the end of a battle in those states, but it does not signal the end of the continuing fight over what marriage means.

Catholic voters mirror general electorate in support for Obama

What the exit polls don't explain, however, is whether efforts by bishops in some dioceses to direct Catholic voters to base their vote only on the abortion issue are responsible for some deviations from the general trend.

Diana Villeda claps as polls show a lead for "yes" on Proposition 8 at a party in Irvine, Calif., Nov. 4. Proposition 8 defined marriage as being only between a man and a woman, overturning a recent California court decision legalizing gay marriage. (CNS/Reuters)

Church view on same-sex marriage prevails; other ballot efforts fail

In voting on 2008 ballot questions across the country, the Catholic Church's view against same-sex marriage prevailed, but most Catholic efforts to influence voting related to abortion, assisted suicide, embryonic stem-cell research and gambling failed.

Catholic leaders congratulate Obama, offer prayers for administration

Catholic leaders praised Obama for his history-making victory. Some said the Democrat's win "best reflected" Catholic values "of hope, personal responsibility and care for the common good." But others said they hoped the new administration would make decisions that show a "commitment to the sanctity and dignity of all human life."

When dealing with Latin America, Obama faces complexities

Although President-elect Barack Obama will inherit a worldwide financial meltdown and several wars, he must not neglect the region south of the American border, which is tied to the United States by bonds of trade and remittances, immigrant labor and illegal drugs, said some analysts.

Pope sends congratulatory message to Obama

Pope Benedict XVI sent a personal message to President-elect Barack Obama Nov. 5, congratulating him and offering his prayers for Obama and for all the people of the United States.

Reconciliation after election possible, but expected to take time

The woman at Buffy Barkley's door had fire in her eyes. The Obama-Biden 2008 campaign sign in Barkley's yard probably had a lot to do with it.

Priest's love of politics 'mushroomed' into massive button collection

Father Bob Williams poses with political campaign buttons and a photo of William Jennings Bryan, who ran for president three times. (CNS/Gregg McIntosh, Michigan Catholic)

Father Bob Williams has a lot of reasons to love election season -- about 25,000 of them, in fact. Father Williams, pastor of St. Justin Parish in the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park and a judge with the Detroit archdiocesan metropolitan tribunal, has been collecting political campaign buttons for 38 years, amassing 25,000 in the process.

YouTube messages in English, Spanish offer church's view on marriage

As U.S. voters from coast to coast prepared to decide ballot questions related to same-sex marriage Nov. 4, the U.S. bishops took their campaign to keep the traditional definition of marriage as the union of a man and woman to a popular video-sharing Web site, YouTube.

Diocese condemns effigy of Obama on University of Kentucky campus

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer of Lexington Oct. 30 joined with local community leaders in condemning the act of hanging in effigy the Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, which occurred on the University of Kentucky campus Oct. 29.

These are a few of the many voter guides offered to Catholics in the 2008 U.S. elections. (CNS/Paul Haring)

Do plethora of voter guides confuse or clarify issues for Catholics?

If a group of Catholics were to sit down to read four or five of the "Catholic voter guides" in circulation before Election Day, it wouldn't be surprising if they ended the session more confused than when they began.

Poll finds majority of voters favor California marriage amendment

A majority of likely voters in California favor a proposed constitutional amendment stating that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in the state, according to a new poll commissioned by the Knights of Columbus

U.S. bishops address abortion, '08 election in columns, statements

As the presidential election campaign was drawing to a close, some U.S. bishops urged Catholics not to base their votes on one issue alone, while others said no combination of issues could trump a candidate's stand on the "premier civil rights issue of our day" -- abortion.

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'Faithful Citizenship:' Some perspectives

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Candidates issue calls for greater service to meet nation's needs

If there was one day during the marathon presidential campaign when the candidates were not making digs and tossing accusations at each other, it would have been Sept. 11, the seventh anniversary of the terror attacks on American soil.

Full story

Campaign '08: Once allies on immigration, Obama, McCain now diverge

Both candidates' policy statements on immigration contain many of the elements promoted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in its election guide, "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship." But the ways in which Obama and McCain say they would approach their policy goals diverge.

Full story

Campaign '08: Iraq War poses major challenges for next president

The legacy of President George W. Bush will be framed primarily by one event: the ongoing war in Iraq. At five and a half years and running, the Iraq War -- portrayed by Bush as a vital front in what he has characterized as the war on terror -- has left Americans divided and much of the world community looking beyond the United States for diplomatic leadership.

Full story

Campaign '08: Candidates' stands on life cover more than abortion

On few topics do presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain diverge as sharply as on abortion. But on other life issues -- embryonic stem-cell research, assisted suicide and the death penalty -- the differences are not always easy to ferret out.

Full story

Campaign '08: Where are presidential candidates on education issues?

Even though the economy and the war in Iraq often take the front seat in presidential campaign discussions, occasionally the two major parties' candidates get the chance to outline their plans for the preschool-to-college set.

Full story

Campaign '08: Bettering environment may depend on political climate

As Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain battle it out for the presidency, Catholic and other faith-based activists are studying the political environment to see how they can leverage environmental issues into policy come Jan. 20 and beyond.

Full story

Campaign '08: Economy seen as prominent factor in U.S. election

The economy will be a key factor in choosing a president this fall for Ithaca, N.Y., resident Kathryn Hughes and her husband, who are struggling financially to send two children to college and assist another daughter who is a single mother with three young children.

Full story

Campaign '08: How do candidates' health reform plans measure up?

The two major presidential candidates agree on at least one thing: health care reform must be a high priority for the next administration. But when it comes to the details, much of the common ground between Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama falls away.

Full story


From the CNS story archive:

Bishops overwhelmingly approve politics document, bulletin insert (Nov. 14, 2007)

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