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CNS special section
Year in review – 2006

Pope's first encyclical issued, Senate confirms Alito nomination.

Pope names 15 cardinals, New Orleans to close seven parishes.

Catechism compendium published, new clergy sex abuse audits released.

Many protest immigration proposals, bishops urge end to genocide in Darfur.

"The Da Vinci Code" opens in theaters, pope makes four-day trip to Poland.

Marriage amendment fails in Senate, Vatican delegation visits China for "informal talks."

Bush vetoes stem-cell bill, pope urges cease-fire in Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.

Dutch Cardinal Willebrands dies, Iraqi bishop says Christians leaving country.

Pope sets off firestorm with Regensburg speech, Congress approves fence on Mexico border.

Rep. Foley resigns from Congress, Mother Theodore Guerin is canonized.

Democrats regain control of House and Senate, pope makes four-day trip to Turkey.

Discovery of St. Paul's tomb revealed, judge announces abuse settlement for Oregon archdiocese.

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Moving in fast forward: 2006 saw acceleration of Benedict's papacy

Pope Benedict and Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew appear together in Istanbul Nov. 30. (CNS/Reuters)

For what was
supposed to be
a pared-back papacy,
it was a busy
12 months.

Full Story

Embryos and abortion: Pro-life agenda has a year of highs and lows
The year 2006 brought highs and lows to those in the pro-life community working against abortion, stem-cell research involving the destruction of human embryos, the death penalty and other threats to human life.

Catholic volunteers from St. John, Ind., clear debris from a home in New Orleans in September. (CNS/Karen Callaway)

Recovery efforts a constant challenge in year after major hurricanes
"The needs are still as great as ever," one official said a year after Katrina. "If anything, the needs are greater as people come home or attempt to come home."

Debate, rallies, rhetoric, but little lawmaking on immigration
In some ways, 2006 ended as it began for the prospect of immigration reform legislation, with one highly unpopular bill that emphasized enforcement waiting on a shelf, and backers of a more comprehensive approach crossing their fingers that cooler heads would prevail in the new year.

Two leading church figures after Vatican II among 2006 deaths
Among prominent Catholics who died in 2006 were two of the church's leading public figures during and after the Second Vatican Council: Dutch Cardinal Johannes Willebrands and American Loretto Sister Mary Luke Tobin.

Month-by-month review of 2006
Here is a month-by-month review of some of the religious news highlights of 2006.

Iraq: More deaths, few stories of hope leave many asking what's next
As stories from the few remaining Chaldean Christians started to be heard from Iraq, it became clear that their situation was dire.

U.S. church faced more financial troubles in 2006
For the U.S. Catholic Church 2006 has been, at best, a mixed year financially.

Relations with Islam, Pope Benedict named top story, person of 2006
Catholic editors voted Islam's relations with church and society as the top religious news story of 2006, followed closely by continuing debate over immigration reform in second place and the Iraq War in third.

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