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Tsunami relief
View CNS tsunami relief photos

Feb. 25, 2005
Social networks help tsunami survivors recover from trauma
Strong social networks will be more important in helping tsunami survivors recover from their emotional distress than teams of professional psychologists, said the head of a Catholic trauma counseling unit in Indonesia.

Feb. 23, 2005
After tsunamis, Catholic broadcaster records Thai response
Siriwan Santisakultarm walked along Thailand's Phi Phi Island in early February and recognized an odor she knew too well. "There are bodies here. Once you learn that smell, you will never forget."

Feb. 23, 2005
Thai church volunteers help aboriginal tsunami survivors in South
Khnowan Hokhua, a volunteer at the church-run Ban Taptawan refugee camp in southern Thailand, was among about 100 people who gathered to watch tsunami victims being recovered, not out of a morbid curiosity but to help the spirits of the dead pass from one world to the next.

Feb. 23, 2005
Thai island's Muslims, homeless from tsunamis, find help in nuns
A group of Muslims left homeless and jobless by the tsunamis that hit Phi Phi Island found their strongest advocates to be a group of Thai Catholic nuns.

Feb. 23, 2005
Church helps Catholic business owners in beleaguered tourism sector
The aftereffects of the deadly tsunamis may linger in southern Thailand long after the region is cleaned up and rebuilt, with tourist officials reporting business at less than 10 percent of where it was before the killer waves.

Feb. 14, 2005
Caritas official says agency must spend tsunami donations wisely
Amid an unprecedented flow of donations for Caritas Internationalis' tsunami relief fund, the charity wing of the church is watching its steps to ensure that the funds are spent prudently.

Feb. 10, 2005
Tsunami refugees at Catholic-run camp say they're treated like family
More than 1,000 tsunami refugees remain camped at a Catholic-run school in India, and although the majority are not Catholic, they said they are being treated like family.

Feb. 10, 2005
Thai cardinal says thousands of victims are workers from Myanmar
Thousands of unidentified tsunami victims and missing persons in Thailand are undocumented workers from Myanmar, a Thai cardinal said.

Feb. 7, 2005
In Indonesia, small aid groups target victims big agencies might miss
Smaller Catholic nongovernmental organizations are working among the larger and more established groups responding to the tsunami disaster in Indonesia's Aceh province.

Feb. 7, 2005
Parish spearheads post-tsunami efforts on Indonesia's Nias island
Thirty-year-old Faanle sought treatment at the medical clinic at Holy Cross Parish. He was not sure what his ailment was, and the medical staff could do little to cure his daily aches and pains.

Feb. 1, 2005
Vatican official says aid agencies show compassion, don't proselytize
Catholic aid agencies are working in overwhelmingly Islamic Aceh province as a way to show the church's compassion for victims and survivors of the tsunami disaster, a Vatican official said in Jakarta.

Jan. 31, 2005
Pope sends envoy to tsunami region, prays for relief efforts
Pope John Paul II has sent an envoy to the tsunami-stricken areas of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, offering his personal sympathy to the victims and praying that those involved in relief efforts would be filled with wisdom and strength.

Jan. 28, 2005
Between setting sun, rising moon, agency discovers beachhead of horror
Volunteers from Jesuit Refugee Service, the first relief group to reach an Indonesian island, found fallen coconut trees, rotting corpses and a tangle of domestic debris.

Jan. 28, 2005
At Catholic hospital, Indonesian tsunami victims try to find healing
The Archdiocese of Medan has said that all tsunami victims can be treated at archdiocesan hospitals free of charge; it is just one of their many efforts to help keep victims from getting lost in the shuffle of recovery efforts.

Volunteers carry away the body of a tsunami victim on Aceh island off the northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia, Jan. 25. A team from Jesuit Refugee Service arrived to the small island to bury the dead and prepare for the return of villagers. (CNS/Paul Haring)

Jan. 25, 2005
Jesuit aid agency ships body bags with tsunami aid -- just in case
Boxes of body bags were among the provisions field workers with Jesuit Refugee Service loaded on a truck to be shipped to a small island off Banda Aceh
viewed with suspicion and must take great care in how they are perceived by local authorities.

Jan. 25, 2005
In Indonesia, CRS works to gain trust, rebuild devastated province
In Aceh province, where the predominantly Muslim population follows Shariah, or Islamic law, Catholic organizations are viewed with suspicion and must take great care in how they are perceived by local authorities.

Jan. 25, 2005
Vatican official says tsunami disaster made people feel powerless
The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis made people realize how small they are in the face of the forces of nature, said Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state.

A girl eats at a relief camp for tsunami survivors in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Jan. 18. The Indonesian government reported that more than 600,000 people were still homeless in northern Sumatra nearly four weeks after the killer tsunami struck.
(CNS/Paul Haring)

Jan. 25, 2005
Aid agencies hope disaster provides leverage for peace in Aceh
The aid agencies that arrived in Indonesia's Aceh province after the tsunami disaster may provide the international community with the leverage needed to force a lasting peace and cease-fire in the region, Catholic aid officials said.

Jan. 25, 2005
In Meulaboh, Indonesians find remnants of their previous lives
Neighbors wept as they embraced at Meulaboh's coastline, where tears flow easily, as they do throughout most of Indonesia's Aceh province.

Jan. 24, 2005
CRS worker's loss of family members illustrates tragedy Acehnese face
Eko Priadana Morcky was the first Catholic Relief Services worker to return to Banda Aceh. But he was not there to work; he was there to search for his family.

Jan. 18, 2005
Italian Franciscan says he fears Banda Aceh parish will never recover
When Franciscan Father Ferdinando Seferi celebrated a mid-January Mass in his shattered parish in Banda Aceh, only six parishioners were among the 30 people who attended the service.

Jan. 12, 2005
Holy See calls for special meeting to look at ways to help fishermen
In an effort to respond to the needs of thousands of fishermen left destitute by the Dec. 26 tsunamis, the Holy See called for a special meeting of the Apostleship of the Sea in late January.

Jan. 11, 2005
CRS president, cardinal describe tsunami devastation in Sri Lanka
Ken Hackett, president of Catholic Relief Services, and Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington viewed firsthand the extent of the damage caused by the tsunamis.

Jan. 11, 2005
After tsunamis, Sri Lankan doctor finds wounds medicine cannot heal
At St. Mary's Catholic Church, they wait patiently to see the physician.

Jan. 7, 2005
When disaster strikes, people ask: Why does God allow suffering?
If God is all-powerful and all-good, why does he permit suffering on the scale of the tsunamis that devastated South and Southeast Asia?

Jan. 7, 2005
Even before tsunamis, Asia was home to millions of displaced people
Before the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunamis, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India already had several million people living as refugees.

Jan. 6, 2005
In Thailand, red tape frustrates tsunami survivors, church workers
Government red tape is frustrating not only tsunami survivors but also church workers trying to get financial help to those whose homes have been ruined but who lack proper documentation.

Jan. 3, 2005
Tsunami survivors find religious personnel source of consolation
On Thailand's southwestern coast, tsunami survivors, traumatized and shocked by the devastation and loss of their loved ones, poured out their grief to religious personnel.

Dec. 30, 2004
Church workers recover rotting bodies at Indian Marian shrine
Amid the stench of rotting bodies and decaying garbage, Bishop Devadass Ambrose Mariadoss spent several days at India's most popular Marian shrine to oversee post-tsunami relief efforts.

Where to give
Catholic aid agencies accept donations for Indian Ocean disasters
International aid agencies are accepting donations for victims of the Dec. 26 earthquake and tidal waves that affected Indian Ocean countries

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