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 CNS Story:

Rome’s religious guesthouses
offer accommodations to pilgrims

By Catholic News Service

Many religious guesthouses in Rome offer simple but clean accommodations with continental breakfast for a reasonable price. Some of them have nighttime curfews because they do not hire staff to keep the door open all night. If a guest is not back by the curfew time, he or she does not get in.

Here is a small sampling of the religious guesthouses in Rome (prices are current as of spring 2004):

Casa Bonus Pastor, Via Aurelia 208. Prices change according to season. Single room, 57-74 euros; double 80-106 euros; triple 102-131 euros. E-mail for information and reservations: bonuspastor@glauco.it. Phone: (39-06) 6987-1282; fax: (39-06) 6987-1435.

Domus Aurelia, Via Aurelia 218. Prices are 44 euros for a single room without breakfast; 67 euros for a double room. First night check-in must be before 10:30 p.m.; late entrance on subsequent nights is possible with a security code. Information and reservations: info@domusaurelia.com Phone: (39-06) 636-784; fax: (39-06) 3937-6480.

Domus Carmelitana, Via Alberico II 44. Prices, with continental breakfast, for a single room 93 euros; double room, 120 euros; triple room, 168 euros; quadruple room, 210 euros. Web site: www.domuscarmelitana.com; e-mail for information and reservations: info@domuscarmelitana.com. Phone: (39-06) 684-0191; fax: (39-06) 6840-19200.

Casa Figlie della Carita, Via Ezio 28. There are no rooms with private baths and the 11 p.m. curfew is strict. Price per person is 38 euros with breakfast; 48 euros with breakfast and lunch or dinner; 58 euros for room and three meals. The sisters prefer communications by fax: (39-06) 323-0261.

Santa Maria alle Fornaci (Padri Trinitari) Piazza Santa Maria delle Fornaci. Handicap accessible. Prices include breakfast: single, 50 euros; double, 80 euros; triple 110 euros. Information: www.trinitaridematha.it. Phone: (39-06) 638-3888; fax: (39-06) 3936-6795.

Suore Teatine, Salita Monte del Gallo 25. Curfew is 11 p.m. Prices with breakfast: single, 45 euros; double, 75 euros; triple, 105 euros. Information and reservations: suoreteatine@tin.it. Phone: (39-06) 637-4084; fax: (39-06) 3937-9050.

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