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 CNS Story:

POPE-APPOINTMENTS (UPDATED) Apr-2-2005 (690 words) xxxi

Vatican announces new batch of bishops' appointments

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Although acknowledging Pope John Paul II was in serious condition, the Vatican April 1 released a batch of new bishops' nominations that it said had been approved by the pope over the course of the previous six weeks.

The list of changes in church leadership included a number of appointments and the acceptance of several bishops' retirements, as well as the establishment of an apostolic administration in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan.

The Vatican announcement said the pope had elevated the Uzbekistan mission to the status of apostolic administration March 22, naming Franciscan Father Jerzy Maculewicz, 49, a bishop and head of the new jurisdiction.

Close to 90 percent of Uzbekistan's 26 million people are Muslim and about 9 percent are Orthodox. The Vatican estimates there are 4,000 Catholics in the country.

Four more appointments and a retirement were announced April 2 by the Vatican press office.

The changes included:

-- Msgr. Charles D. Balvo, 53, a priest of the Archdiocese of New York currently working at the Vatican Embassy in Lithuania, was named an archbishop and the new nuncio to New Zealand and nine other Pacific island nations. The Vatican did not say what date the appointment was signed by the pope.

-- On March 12 the pope accepted the resignation of 79-year-old Cardinal Miguel Obando Bravo of Managua, Nicaragua, and named Bishop Leopoldo Brenes Solorzano of Matagalpa to succeed him.

-- On Feb. 14 the pope accepted the resignation of Archbishop Carmelo Giaquinta of Resistencia, Argentina; the bishop will be 75 in June.

-- On March 4, the pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Nicolas Huynh Van Nghi of Phan Thiet, Vietnam. The bishop is almost 78 years old.

-- Also March 4, the pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Joseph Kyeong Kap-ryong of Daejeon, South Korea.

-- He named Archbishop John A. Dew of Wellington, New Zealand, to serve also as the military ordinary of New Zealand.

-- On Feb. 14 the pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Jose Sorra of Legazpi, Philippines, and on March 8 named Auxiliary Bishop Nestor Carino of Daet to succeed him.

-- On March 23 the pope named Msgr. Philippe Jourdan, a 44-year-old French member of Opus Dei, to be a bishop and the apostolic administrator of Estonia.

-- The pope named Bishop Boniface Lele of Kitui, Kenya, to be the new archbishop of Mombasa March 19.

-- Also March 19, the pope named Bishop Malayappan Chinnappa of Vellore, India, to be the new archbishop of Madras-Mylapore.

-- The pope named Bishop Artemio Rillera of Bangued, Philippines, to be the new bishop of San Fernando de La Union March 8.

-- On March 19, the pope named Father Yvon Ambrose to be the new bishop of Tuticorin, India; the Vatican provided no biographical information about the new bishop.

-- On March 4, the pope named Comboni Father Giuseppe Franzelli to be the bishop of Lira, Uganda.

-- Msgr. Dieudonne Uringi Uuci was named bishop of Bunia, Congo, on March 19.

-- Also March 19, the pope named Auxiliary Bishop Adriano Langa of Maputo, Mozambique, to be the coadjutor bishop of Inhambane.

-- Msgr. Jebalamai Susaimanickam was named coadjutor bishop of Sivagangai, India, on March 19.

-- Archbishop Alberto Bottari de Castello, the papal nuncio in Gambia, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, was named the new nuncio to Japan.

-- The pope March 12 accepted the resignation of Archbishop Elias Yanes Alvarez of Zaragoza, Spain, and named Bishop Manuel Urena Pastor of Cartagena to succeed him.

-- Bishop Nerses Der Nersessian, the bishop for Armenian Catholics in Eastern Europe, and his coadjutor, Bishop Vartan Kechichian, resigned and Pope John Paul named Bishop Nechan Karakeheyan of Esfahan, Iran, to be the new ordinary for Armenian Catholics in Eastern Europe.

-- The pope named Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, nuncio to Tanzania, to be the new nuncio in El Salvador.

-- Msgr. Giambattista Diquattro, a staff member of the Vatican nunciature in Italy, was named an archbishop and nuncio to Panama.


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