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 CNS special report:
 Coverage of John Jay study, National Review Board report.

CNS Special report: Coverage of John Jay study, National Review Board report.

Celibacy formation a major part of seminary programs today (3/12/04)
In recent years there has been significant improvement in celibacy formation throughout U.S. Catholic seminaries, said one of the country's leading experts in seminary research.

Related stories: Sex abuse report pays special attention to homosexual priests (3/2/04)
When the bishops' National Review Board issued its report Feb. 27 on the causes and context of the clergy sexual abuse crisis, it paid particular attention to a long-controversial issue -- the ordination of homosexually oriented men.

Abuse victims say bishops' accountability still lacking (3/1/04)
Some victims of clergy sexual abuse and a lay Catholic organization said a new report on the causes of sexual abuse within the church and how it was handled by the hierarchy should have called for bishops who mishandled abuse cases to resign.

Sex abuse stems from crisis of faith, morality, EWTN panelists say (3/1/04)
The clergy sex abuse scandal stemmed from a societal crisis of morality and a church crisis of faith, panelists said at an EWTN-sponsored "town hall meeting" held on the evening of the release of 52 years of sex abuse statistics.

Clergy sex abuse report and study mark major milestone (3/1/04)
(Analysis) Milestones aren't end points. They only serve as progress alerts. But the National Review Board report on the causes and context of the abuse and the John Jay study of the nature and scope of the abuse mark two important breakthroughs.

Celibacy issues are among questions raised in sexual abuse report (3/1/04)
In its report on clergy sexual abuse of minors, the U.S. bishops' National Review Board said several issues related to priestly celibacy "could provide a breeding ground for other crises" besides the child abuse scandal.

Bishops say reports show sad reality of priests who preyed on young (2/27/04)
The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Wilton D. Gregory of Belleville, Ill., told reporters after the Feb. 27 release of the research and analysis that "the terrible history recorded here is history."

Highlights of the National Review Board report on sexual abuse (2/27/04)
Here are highlights of some of the main findings of the National Review Board’s 145-page report on the causes and context of clergy sexual abuse of minors.

Report says clergy sexual abuse brought 'smoke of Satan' into church (2/27/04)
In its report Feb. 27 on the causes of the U.S. clergy sexual abuse crisis, the National Review Board said "grievously sinful" acts of priests and inaction by bishops let "the smoke of Satan" enter the church.

Four percent of priests serving over last 50 years accused of abuse (2/27/04)
About 4 percent of U.S. priests ministering from 1950 to 2002 were accused of sex abuse with a minor, according to the first comprehensive national study of the issue.

U.S. seminarians work to ensure they are not part of abuse problem (2/27/04)
While saddened by the scope of the clerical sex abuse scandal, U.S. seminarians in Rome were preparing in every way they could think of to ensure they would be part of the solution.

U.S. officials at Vatican welcome release of sex abuse studies (2/27/04)
Two top U.S. officials at the Vatican welcomed the release of new studies on clergy sexual abuse in the United States, saying they will help the church address the root causes of the scandal.

Clergy abuse statistics at a glance (2/27/04)
Here at a glance are key figures from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice study.

Clergy sex abuse survey is about much more than numbers (2/26/04)
The researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice also sought to uncover how clerics first met their victims, what kind of abuse was inflicted, how often and how long it occurred.

Laws changed with evolving child sex abuse awareness (2/23/04)
The awareness of and research on sexual abuse of children as a problem in the United States is intimately tied up with the evolution of laws in that area in the last half-century.

Understanding of child sex abuse has evolved in last 50 years (2/23/04)
In the late 1960s there was so little professional literature available on people who sexually abuse minors that "you could read it all in one morning," said one expert on the issue.

Vatican: Church must work with scientific experts to prevent abuse (2/18/04)
In confronting the clerical sex abuse crisis, the Catholic Church needs to work more closely with scientific experts to identify potential perpetrators and make sure they cannot harm the young, a soon-to-be-published Vatican report says.

Lawyers in sex abuse cases should be accountable, says expert (2/16/04)
Greater public scrutiny of lawyers for child sex abuse victims may be needed to assure that litigation is not psychologically harmful to victims and does not bankrupt organizations serving children, wrote a leading expert on maltreatment of children.

Child sex abusers often relatives or friends, say experts (2/13/04)
A positive result of the clergy child sex abuse scandal is the warning signal it gave parents that abusers are often people known and trusted by minors and their families, said a top U.S. expert on child abuse.

Picture of child sex abuse in U.S. society clouded by lack of data (2/13/04)
Child sex abuse is grossly underreported and underinvestigated, making a comprehensive national picture difficult to develop, according to experts researching the issue.


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